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Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road Suite H1
Temecula CA 92591
(in the Target Center
around the corner from Home Goods)
(951) 693-4264
call or
If you have any questions.
Cooking Class Mission

Our cooking Class mission:
1. We want our students to have fun!
2. You will be able to make what we show you @ home.
3. You will be given a petite portion of each item prepared

Buy any four classes and get 10% off !

Thursday March 26th 6:00 PM

***All New****

Keto and Ketosis ! 

Dr. Atkins had it right all along, with the Atkins Diet! This Diet requires close control of carbohydrate consumption and emphasizes protein and fat as the primary sources of dietary calories. In addition to a controlled number of carbohydrates from vegetables.

The Keto diet is the next evolutionary process to this diet and it really works!  

The diet the turns your body into a fat burning machine!

We are going to continue The Keto Discussion, introducing some Keto "Breads" and some other must have menu items. In this class we will discuss counting Carbs, Macros, Calories and some essential Nerd Speak for Success on the Keto Diet.

And of course a great menu to go with it all.

Keto California Roll 

Keto Fathead Pizza

Keto Bread 

Keto Ice Cream

The key to any weight loss program is:

1. Make it easy, we make it easy by having food ready to heat and serve (food you made yourself).

2. Use more calories than you eat!




Instructor: Chef Mary 
Kitchen Fantasy

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