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Kitchen Fantasy

Professional Knife Sharpening

Kitchen Fantasy is your one stop shop for expert knife sharpening.  We sharpen knives for home cooks, and restaurants.  We do every kind of knife, from the very inexpensive generic knives to those super high end Japanese and German knives. You can trust us to put a better than factory edge on your knife.  Most knives are done while you wait (you can shop around the store while we sharpen your knife). In some cases you might have to leave your knife overnight and pick up next day after 11 AM.  Most knives are $6.50 per knife, we do offer a premium sharpening for $11.99.

We appreciate your trust!

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Knife Sharpening

If your knives are starting to feel dull, it’s time to bring them in for professional sharpening. At Kitchen Fantasy, our experts can sharpen any type of knife quickly and efficiently. Whether you have kitchen knives, pocket knives, or anything in between, we’ll have your blades looking and performing like new in no time.

Sharp knives are not only more effective, but they’re also safer to use. With a sharp blade, you can make precision cuts that are less likely to cause accidents. Not to mention, dull knives can actually be more dangerous to use because they require more force to get the job done – and that extra force could easily lead to an accident.

Stop by Kitchen Fantasy today and let us take care of your dull knives! You’ll be amazed at the difference our sharpening services can make.

The Importance of Knife Sharpening

If you love to cook, then you know that having a sharp knife is essential. Not only is it safer to use a sharp knife, but it also makes cooking much more enjoyable. With our professional knife sharpening service, we can help keep your knives in great condition so that you can continue to enjoy cooking for years to come. We recommend having your knives professionally sharpened whenever you can not make that perfect tomato slice or cut paper, but if you regularly hone and sharpen them at home, you may not need to have them sharpened as often.

Our service will restore your dull knives back to the super-sharp edge they had when you first purchased them. So whether you’re a beginner cook or a seasoned pro, make sure your knives are always in top condition – with our kitchen fantasy knife sharpening service!

FAQ For the Professional

How long have you been sharpening? How were you trained?

Since 1984, I was doing warranty service for Chicago Cutlery, and service on R.H. Forschner (Victorinox) Tijuana BC as well as Black Angus San Diego Restaurants, and commercial butchers. I was trained by Gun and Beckman (Chicago Cutlery) and I’m self taught!

Do you sharpen all knives the exact same way? Or do you adapt to the style of the knife? Or to the condition of the knife?

The condition of the knife might affect the angle we put on the blade. The angle is always determined in consultation with the blade owner. Having worked in so many commercial kitchens, we know a lot about how to sharpen professional knife sets as well as how to adapt the edge for each type of blade. For example some new knives out of China make look beautiful but come with little or no edge at all.  We can make these knives very sharp, but they require some extra techniques that are generally more costly.  There are some special requests that require different techniques.

I have an edge that needs to be completely re-profiled. How would you accomplish that?

Each blade taken on a case by case basis, it is going to depend on the bevel and thickness and finish of the blade. Most blades are reshaped by hand.

On average, how long should it take? What’s your typical turnaround?

Most knives are done while you wait, first come first serve. If I am busy or not in, your knife will be done the next day after 11AM.

Describe the process of sharpening an 8-inch blade chef’s knife with your system. What machinery/equipment do you use?

We use, belt sanders, grinders sharpening stones (up to 10,000 grit)  etc.  We also have two True hone 240 diamond and 1500 grit ceramic water. Finish on tormek supergrind 2000 with crystolon sharpening wheel and leather strop & compound. I also teach stone sharpening in our cooking school!  The most important thing is understanding what types of edges, angles and steels need to be done.

FAQ For the Home Kitchen

Isn’t a Honing Steel Enough to Keep My Knives Sharp?

Honing steels are not to be confused with sharpeners.

Honings STEEL does not remove metal but rather keeps your blade from becoming dull by keeping its edge in good shape; this includes maintaining an already-sharp knife as well! They’re great for preserving that clean look on whatever you use it too – knives, scalpels or razors can all benefit from regular honing treatments so they last longer before needing another shaving session (which might take hours!).

You should also know about ceramic/diamond stones which will slightly hone away at any small amount of extra weight without compromising their structure too much

How Often Should I Sharpen My Knives?

The frequency and type of maintenance you perform will determine how often they are used. The knife will remain sharper longer if you maintain its edge with steel. In most cases, home cooks will only need to sharpen their knives a few times a year if using the steel to hone in between.

To check whether your knives need sharpening, do the paper test: Firmly hold a sheet of basic copy paper at the top with one hand and draw the blade down through the paper with the other hand, slicing from the heel to the blade tip. When the knife slices easily through the paper, it is sharp and ready for use. If it requires more pushing and tears the paper, it is likely dull and needs to be sharpened.

What Is the Difference Between Western and Japanese Knives?

The edge of all knives is beveled, which means it runs in a slight angle. Western knives are usually double-beveled, while traditional Japanese knives are single-beveled. The blade of a double-beveled knife is sharpened on both sides and usually forms a V shape. When a blade is single-beveled, it only has an angle on one side, with the other side completely straight.
Western-style knives tend to be the most common and utilitarian, whereas Japanese knives are designed for precision cutting (such as slicing sushi).
Even though Japanese knives are also available with double-edged blades, Western knives (also known as German-style knives) do not have a single bevel. Why is this important? If you sharpen knives yourself, you will need to know which knives you own and how to sharpen them properly. Double-bevel and single-bevel knives need to be sharpened at different angles.

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