The Trendy Chef Steve Moore 


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The Trendy Chef's career began after graduating from the Riverside Culinary Academy at

the age of 21. Shortly after graduating he proceeded to Florence Italy for three months to 

cook with Executive Chefs from different restaurants in the area to enhance his own creative

techniques and skills. After returning home to California he was hired to cook at the

Coachella Music Festival in California. During the festival he landed the opportunity to

cook for different celebrities such as: pop star Becky G, rap star Kid Ink, actor Tahj Mowry

and comedian, actor, and television host Jay Leno.


Filmed with the Food Network and was the winner of Supermarket Stakeout

Traveled to Thailand for 3 months to also work and train with executive chefs to learn

how to perfect Thai cuisine.

Interviewed with Dash Radio which is the largest all original digital audio broadcast

platform in the world. I jump at the chance to speak about how I got started with cooking

and how I overcame growing up in a bad neighborhood with lots of violence as well

growing up with a single father who couldn't even cook scrambled eggs.

I created culinary cooking classes for the youth all around Southern California, to teach

kids ages 5 to 16 the fundamentals of cooking. How to take their favorite junk food meals

and make them from scratch to make a healthier version.

I appeared on The Steve Harvey Show as a surprise audience member to speak about

my 24k gold wings with Steve Harvey himself

I was featured in Unheard Voices Magazine, a black-owned online magazine which

highlights black news. The article spoke about me losing my older sister to gun violence

as well as my second oldest sister to breast cancer. Going from the loss of my sisters to

opening many businesses while helping my community.


Working with the Community

I teach cooking classes for the Youth by partnering with

different Boys and Girls Clubs around California

I've started one of the first hands-on culinary arts classes

for youth. Students learn how to take their favorite junk

foods such as Pop Tarts and make them from scratch with

our own pastry and pureed fruit

I've visited local juvenile hall centers to speak with the kids

about changing their lives

I've been to homeless shelters to feed the children

I've been featured in youth magazines to show children that

they can do anything that they put their minds too

I've entered many cooking competitions to raise money for

at-risk youth