Kitchen Fantasy  

(Temecula Knife Sharpening)

27576 Ynez Road H-1 Temecula Ca 92592
(951) 693-4264

Kitchen Fantasy Sharpening Rental Program:

- For $35.00 per pickup per month, Kitchen Fantasy Sharpening Service will provide
your kitchen with a minimum of 10 sharp knives. For quantities over
10, a $3.50 charge per knife will be added to the fee.

- The knives will be replaced approximately weekly, bi-weekly or Monthly with sharp knives. When we deliver the sharp knives and pick up the dull knives, we can also pick up any of the other knives that need to be sharpened (sharpened at $5.00 each). We return these knives at the delivery schedule of your choice regular delivery. (You may also pick up at store)

We provide the very best "State of the Art" sharpening service, however we do recommend using a sharpening steel or this type device for "between" sharpening.

We can rent you this device for between our visits to ensure your knives are always sharp.

Rent for $15.00 per Month or Purchase for $109.99 (this is only available to restaurants that are currently signed up for our service)

- You choose the quantity and type of knives that fit the needs of your kitchen. All the knives are of professional quality.

- If you need to switch to a different style of knife we charge $5.00 per swap. (for example if you need a 10 inch Chef Knife instead of an 8 inch or Scimitar instead of a chef knife etc..)


Kitchen Fantasy Sharpening Service will meet with you and help you choose the knives that will best suit your kitchen's needs. We ask for an initial six-month commitment.



Kitchen Fantasy Sharpening Service Knife Rental Contract


Name of Business ____________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number ___________________________________

Contact person _____________________________________________________________

Check the knives and quantity your business wants to rent

3 1/2" Paring Knives

6" Boning Knives

8" Cooks Knives

10" Cooks Knives

10" Butcher/Ciemeter

Sharpened knives will be delivered:
Check one


Once Per Week


Every Two Weeks


Every Three Weeks


Every Month

Sharpening Service includes the sharpening of the knives listed in Section One, plus knives of the cooks/chefs or staff @ $5.00 per knife (they can pick up at store).

 The charge for the service is _______ COD.
We take checks cash or credit cards

Payable to: Kitchen Fantasy 27576 Ynez Road H-1 Temecula CA 92591

Should any of our knives be lost, abused or damaged from other than normal usage in the course of your duties, you agree to replace those knives at industry cost usually under $20.00 per knife. "Swap fee" is $5.00 per knife.

For your own protection, knives should be washed prior to use after they have been sharpened.

Signed by: _____________________________ _____________

Authorized Representative Date
Signed by: _____________________________ ____________

Kitchen Fantasy Sharpening Service Date