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Hands on Chinese Cooking 

Orange chicken,  egg rolls,  chow mien and honey garlic shrimp

Chef Mary


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Hands on Chinese Cooking

  • Care and seasoning of you wok!

  • orange chicken,  

  • egg rolls,  

  • chow mien

  • and honey garlic shrimp 

  • Why Chinese wok cooking?

    1. Maintain a slim figure, eat healthy, balanced and flavorful meals?

    2. Anyone can do this!

    3. Use one pot, spend less time on clean up!

    4. By creating a balanced meal for yourself and your family using fresh ingredients you will save money and time.

    5. You can feel good about eating the right foods!  You control the flavors.

    Chinese cooking using a wok is a great way to provide nutritious, flavorful, and non-fattening meals.  Chinese food is flavorful and colorful, using the wok maintains the vitamins and minerals in the food and produces a better looking and tasting dish.  Chinese cooking both retains the wholesome essence of the food and allows you to use less oil in your cooking.  For those without much time to cook, Chinese cooking is fast and gives you more time for yourself.



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