Chef Terri 


Chef Terri grew up helping her mom in the kitchen since the tender age of 12 and has since developed a passion for cooking. Though already skilled in the kitchen, she wanted to be properly trained, graduating with a degree in culinary arts. She trained under talented chefs and was successful herself in introducing new techniques and popular dishes to Riverside’s culinary world, which was featured in Oasis newspaper. She is never lacking in creativity, re-inventing dishes to a new dimension. She also favors simplicity and works to streamline recipes while maintaining taste and flavor. Her specialties are authentic dishes from her cultural heritage of Southeast Asia, but she also explores other cuisines from across the globe. And when she’s not preparing delicious meals for family and friends, you’ll catch her exploring the world seeking interesting culinary scenes. Training with Chef Terri will both open your pallet and introduce you to new facets of Cooking!