Christopher Del Rio is a classically trained chef in French cuisine whose work is now focused on nutritarian style applications for health and longevity of life. His focus is on nutritious foods that are adopted by the research and application of Dr. Fuhrman MD. Chef Chris has had extensive time working directly for Dr. Fuhrman and over a year helping people reach goals and recovery through nutrition. Chef Chris has had extensive roots with classic Italian, Argentinean cuisine through family owned restaurants with more than 20 years experience around the industry. Before his transplant in nutritional cooking he operated a barbecue catering business specializing in slow cooking meats, southern culture cuisine and rustic cuisine with open fires, stone and cast iron cooking. His career has lead him to teaching healthy eating and Chef Chris is genuinely interested in sharing any knowledge he has gained that will bring enjoyment to families, couples or anyone seeking knowledge in culinary applications whether on the road or at home.