Chef Jennifer Doucet

My mother encouraged me to learn to cook at an early age and once I was old enough, she
introduced me to Julia Child and classic French cooking. I feel fortunate that I grew up in
Miami, Florida, where I was exposed to Cuban and many different cuisines. My father loved to
take us to restaurants. I’ll never forget when I first saw a Teppanyaki chef perform at one of the
first Benihana restaurants in the United States .
While studying abroad in France in 1985, I met my husband. I learned a lot about French
cooking by watching my mother-in-law Francoise cook. While my mom always followed recipes,
Francoise rarely measuring anything. Watching her encouraged me to do get more creative in
the kitchen.
After a career teaching college French and raising my children, I decided to turn my passion for
cooking into a career and enrolled in the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Over the years I have
been lucky to travel extensively in France, England, Spain, and Italy. I am excited to share my
love of cooking and knowledge of world languages and cuisines with you.
ˇBuen provecho! Buon appetito! Bon appétit!