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Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road Suite H1
Temecula CA 92591
(in the Target Center
around the corner from Home Goods)
(951) 693-4264
call or
If you have any questions.
Cooking Class Mission

Our cooking Class mission:
1. We want our students to have fun!
2. You will be able to make what we show you @ home.
3. You will be given a petite portion of each item prepared

Kitchen Fantasy offers team building classes.  I feel the best way to work on interpersonal communication is to work together towards a common goal with your co workers.  I can offer competitive and non-competitive environments hands on or demonstration classes.

Why Kitchen Fantasy? click to see our class verses the competition! 

We have a structured outline for our classes.  This is what we do.  I am constantly poling my students to find out what they like and dislike about my instructors.  If my students don't leave with smiles on their faces and empty plates, the instructor does not return to teach another day.  We are not a catering company or a restaurant.  We do cooking classes, with a simple mission statement;

1. We want our students to have fun!
2. You will be able to make what we show you @ home.
3. You will be given an ample portion of each item prepared. Along with a "cook book" with all recipes. 

Is Kitchen Fantasy a 3rd party?
  We offer classes on site at our store up to 18 people or off site in our private venues  for larger groups.   Kitchen Fantasy provides all equipment, recipe items, chefs and clean up. You just show up with your apron. We use Kitchen Fantasy equipment for all classes.  Our equipment is not restaurant equipment, it is the same you would find at home.  Our Chefs are Kitchen Fantasy employees or contractors.  Payments are done directly to Kitchen Fantasy and all questions and problems are handled by Kitchen Fantasy. 

Why not use a catering company or a personal chef?
Every personal Chef you meet is going to tell you "no problem" unless you have dealt with this company before you will not know if they have ever done cooking classes or are even capable of communicating to students and inspiring team work.  They have all done hundreds of Weddings, and private parties but who really does cooking classes?  How many cooking classes have they done in the past month?

Can I just book the private venue directly?

NO!  The owners do not know you.  They don't know what you will do to their beautiful property.  We do all the set up, clean up and teaching.  Most of all we make sure you have a good time.



Kitchen Fantasy

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In business since 1984 family owned and operated, proud to offer our specialty kitchen items and kitchen gadgets!