Temecula Knife Sharpening 
Now at
 27576 Ynez Road H-9

Temcula CA 92591
(951 )693-4264


We have been offering professional sharpening service since 1984

We can do fine edge knives, serrated knives, and scissors
Blades finished with 1000 grit water stone 

The prices are as follows:

Most!  Fine edge and  knives $5.00 per blade 

Serrated Edge Knifes are $7.00

See below for Serrated edge knives that can and cant be sharpened. 

Scissors start at $7.00 

Most Cleavers are $10.00 

Hunting knives we need to see to quote!

Next day service.   Same day service available 

We do not do garden tools,  or swords.

Yes, we are happy to do hunting knives, and all pocket knives but we need to see them to quote!

Knives are done in house by Chef Dave or Ernie

ask about pickup and delivery service for Temecula Murrieta, and Menifee (20 knives minimum for pickup must be paid in advance).



Below are some examples of types of serrated edges that can and can't be sharpened. We do sell some gadgets that can sharpen all of these!

The "never need sharpening edge" This edge can not be sharpened unless we grind off the micro serrations.  You knife will no longer have a serrated edge. 
These knives usually costs under $10. to purchase new!

Steak knife style too small to sharpen.  This edge have too small a bevel to sharpen.  We must grind the edge to a "fine edge".  The serrations will be gone.

Good quality "real" serrated edge. The edge below is an example of a serrated edge that can be sharpened and restored to it original sharpness.  We do this by hand and sharpen each pocket or cavity.  After time even this style edge will wear until it has nothing left to sharpen.  This will take many years.