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Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road Suite H1
Temecula CA 92591
(in the Target Center
around the corner from Home Goods)
(951) 693-4264
call or
If you have any questions.
Cooking Class Mission

Our cooking Class mission:
1. We want our students to have fun!
2. You will be able to make what we show you @ home.
3. You will be given a petite portion of each item prepared

Cajun and Creole cuisines 

Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) Feb 13th 

Cajun and Creole cuisines are the results of a mixture of cultural influences, including French, Native American, Spanish, Portuguese, and African. This unique cultural mixture has produced a style of cooking all its own. Join us to learn all about rouxs and a hearty meal worthy of any Mardi Gras celebration


Hushpuppies with a Remoulade Sauce 
Prejean's Potato Salad
Shrimp Gumbo
New Orleans Beignets 



About the instructor:

  Chef Dave


In business since 1984 family owned and operated, proud to offer our specialty kitchen items and kitchen gadgets!