Chef Shannan Wages

Cooking has brought many great relationships and memories over the years. Being able to share this talent and gift with people is remarkably life changing. Accidentally coming across Culinary Art in my late twenties, I sacrificed all that I had to give everything away and step out in faith to move to Las Vegas to become a Chef.

Having cooked at various levels and environments has given insight of understanding harmonious flavors, textures, and presentations, food has become an experience.  Cooking  for approximately 17 years at multitudes of levels have enhanced the ability to adapt and learn. Training for the first two years in Northern Italian Cuisine in Vegas while at the Venetian Hotel and a Vinotecca Restaurant gave me a fundamental base to thrive on. Also working at bakeries both in Vegas and in California gave me conceptual knowledge of pastries as well. Bringing this knowledge together with maturity while serving as a Chef for Camp Pendleton Marine Corp has given me a heightened importance of impacting those around us with positive influence.

Making memories should definitely be one of the greatest traits of a Chef.

Creativity and perception of dishes comes from training and learning from many great Chefs,  while having a background in Art, bringing all aspects together to create a dish for someone is immense and impactful. Balance and harmonious tones coming together at times be stronger then any word ever said.

"Music is art to the ears, as food is an orchestra to the soul" -Chef Shannan Wages